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All moving/moving devices are free. This includes removing, reinstalling, testing and training. Participate regularly in planned checks of Ricoh`s service performance failure, which is neither critical nor significant, disrupting the secondary or secondary functions of the device without affecting the company`s performance. Note: SLA does not include maintenance and support for licensed or subscription software products. Software maintenance and support are described in the Software Maintenance Contract (SMA) for each proprietary licensed software product. 20. ALS charges You pay alS fees for the initial duration of the service and all renewal service periods. We can increase ALS charges based on the initial service time, and any increases will be reflected on your bill. If you receive a service for repairs caused by excluded circumstances, PBI charges you the service on current PBI hourly rates and for all necessary parts. If you exceed the cycle volume of your specified equipment to order, PBI may charge you for the additional cycles on the indicated cycle volume (additional cycles are called “overruns”). The fee is based on the date we see no overrun.

(d) There is no warranty for PBI devices that need to be repaired or replaced due to an excluded circumstance. “Excluded Circumstances,” a circumstance not controlled by PBI, including an accident, your careless or careless use of equipment, the use of devices beyond our recommendations or, in a manner not authorized by this Agreement or by an operator, the use of the devices in an environment where air humidity, line voltage, transit damage, software virus, data loss, loss or fluctuation of electricity, flooding or other natural causes. The warranty also does not apply if someone other than us put the device, you do not use the necessary software updates, you use the device with a system, we have informed you that we no longer provide assistance or that we are no longer compatible with you, or you use third-party accessories (for example. B ink), hardware or software that (i) damages devices (including damage to print heads), (ii) poor quality of printing clues, text or image, (iii) indivisibility error or (iv) error in printing clues, texts or images. 18. Service Level Options (a) (i) When you sign up for The Standard ALS in the order, PBI will offer either repair or replacement services for the device covered during the initial service period or an extension period (each term under section 19) (the “service life”). They are also entitled to: (x) replacement print heads for covered devices at no additional cost, with the exception of print heads that need to be replaced due to an excluded circumstance; and (y) two preventative maintenance calls per calendar year. PBI warns you in case of preventative maintenance or you can request a preventative maintenance service. If your covered device needs to be repaired, PBI can provide repairs remotely, diagnostic and service and/or by on-site repair service.