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All suggestions or comments are welcome. I`m just trying to get my family in and I need my lease to be a witness…. The contract should be written in both English and Arabic and a translation should be requested if the owner only presents the contract in Arabic. Note, however, that the Arab Treaty is considered to be the only binding document on litigation. This is the procedure/requirements for certifying a housing/rental contract. In accordance with the law, it is necessary to register a contract with the municipality, even if we do not normally have the same thing. The certified contract is only required in the event of a dispute between the landlord and the tenant. I can use the baladiya stamp visa on the tenant agreement. Please guide me. The rule is that the lease must be authenticated by baladiya. However, there have been cases where the document was adopted without a certificate.

It all depends on the mood of the officer, I guess and the office you are asking for. Recently I took an apartment in the Mugalina area, I would like to get my certified lease with baladiya, where I have to go – what documents are required for the certificate, Pls help me. Please tell me, there is all the fees for this lease certificate Hello everything – I tried to get the required documents from my service apartment and all she gave me was proof of the occupancy letter that is not good enough to get the rental contract certified. I`m lost what I`m supposed to do here. My housing authority says they do not provide that kind of document. Is this the same procedure if you use the copy of the agreement for the residence visa application? Furnished dwellings should be equipped with an inventory that should be checked accurately by the tenant before the contract is signed. The landlord will ask you to pay a deposit ranging from one month`s rent to a rent of two months to cover the damage that can be caused to the property while you are a tenant. When you leave the unit, the deposit will be refunded after the owner ensures that the electricity bills are compensated and that any damages are paid after a deductible is paid (if necessary). The house rental contract requires a certificate from Doha muncipality to alsadd.

4) The landlord cannot charge the tenant more than two months` rent for a guarantee.5) The tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the leased land, but cannot modify or repair anything without the written consent of the landlord. If the tenant has not been able to obtain permission, the landlord can ask the landlord to return everything in his original condition. I can get the baladiya stamp visa on the tenant contract. Please drive me. 2) It is the owner`s responsibility to keep the rented premises in working order and in use.