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Online Affiliate Marketing Agreement

8.1. Each party assures and guarantees to the other party that (i) that party has the full right to undertake, the full power and authority to conclude the agreement, issue the licenses granted and perform the acts required by this party; (ii) the implementation of this agreement by that party and the performance by that party of its obligations and obligations do not contraver an agreement in which that party participates or to which it is bound by other means; (iii) where the agreement is executed and delivered by that party, it constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation of that party, which is enforceable against that party in accordance with the conditions set; (iv) the intellectual property of that party and any other material made available to the other party by one party under this agreement do not infringe or infringe copyright, trademark rights, patents or other third party rights, or the violation of applicable laws or regulations; and (v) this party acknowledges that the other party does not provide any assurance, guarantee or agreement regarding the purpose of this agreement which is not expressly provided for in this agreement. Do you know what the initial duration of the agreement will be? We are happy to help your affiliate program by providing below a model of terms of use. If you`re interested, you can also download the full agreement for a nominal price (detailed and almost twice as long as the sample). The Instant Download archive also includes 20 platform-specific agreements, covering all major affiliate networks. This document should ideally be used by a company wishing to establish a comprehensive agreement for new subsidiaries. Affiliate agreements, as mentioned above, are not negotiated and, therefore, completing this model will only suffice once and publishing on the company`s website. The agreement is in line with the company – as is often the case, the company must ensure that all its needs are met. Your CT should explain what happens if one of the parties decides to end their affiliate relationship. Ticketfly explains this below. For companies that have an affiliate program, you often have a standard boiler platform agreement that is required for all new partners to sign. Two of the most important elements of your agreement that should be included in your contract are the legal and monetary provisions.

Affiliate marketing sites are legally required to have a privacy policy. This is due to the fact that your networks can leave cookies on visitors` computers to track their activities, which is considered to be the collection of personal data in accordance with data protection legislation. This agreement takes effect when all parties have signed it. The date on which this agreement is signed by the last undersigned party (as indicated by the date attached to the signing of that part) is considered to be the date of this agreement.