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New Forest District Council Tenancy Agreement

If you take a lease with us, you must sign a lease agreement. The cyclical maintenance refers to the regular and regular maintenance of the council`s real estate. It says in your rental agreement that you must give us access to your home to perform this maintenance. If this is not the case, it may result in legal proceedings in order to obtain access and force entry to comply with our legal obligations. There are different types of leases that landlords use, each with different rights and duties. At Epping Forest Borough Council, we grant different types of rentals: if you have a safe lease, you can exchange your home with another social housing tenant. This is called mutual exchange. We work with HomeSwapper to help tenants who want to exchange their homes. It is much easier to terminate an unsecured lease because there is no obligation to prove a legal ground of possession.

These leases may be terminated after four weeks after a valid closing notice has been issued. In future cases, you can change who shares your responsibility as a tenant. Whether this is possible depends on the rent you hold and other circumstances. In limited situations, your partner or an adult living permanently in your home, your lease can be lenient if you die. If your lease allows you to make repairs or improvements, you need our permission before you do so. See our self-help advice page for repairs. If you need a printed manual, please email and we will send you a copy. To make your board property more of a home, you might want to make changes or diy. But it`s important that you don`t start working without talking to us first. These are annual gas safety checks for equipment installed by the Council, such as boilers and fires. This is done by our own registered safe gas engineers. An unsecured rental right is a legal agreement between you and the Council to occupy a property.

Unsafe tenants have less security than introductory, safe or flexible (temporary) tenants. You must pay accommodation fees and comply with certain conditions. We want you to have the best of your consulting house, so we`ve created a rental manual for you. It contains useful information about us, the housing services we provide and your rights and obligations. With your rental agreement, the manual also contains the information you need about your rental terms. Council`s housing is undergoing routine maintenance and planned repairs and improvements. We also advise council tenants if you wish to make minor changes to your property. We would advise and support you if you are concerned about the condition of one of our objects. We can help if you think the tenant is not occupying or subletting the property.

Otherwise, we can review and take action if you notice anything suspicious about a busy or empty board house. We also publish information on Council housing repairs and self-help repair advice for tenants. All potentially safe new tenants (periodic) and secure flexible (temporary) leases start with a 12-month introductory period.