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Get the basics correctly. Enter in writing the names or names of the influencers you will be working with on this program. Please also include your brand name as a customer. Work with experienced legal advisors to develop a written policy that clearly tells Endorser to disclose his relationship when talking about products from a distributor. The policy should also require the influencer to give an honest opinion about products and distributors, to make only factual statements that can be justified, and to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties. Brands cannot free themselves from the chances of influencers making bad decisions. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of these Fracas saturations. You should be able to use the name, logo and photo of the influencer also in relation to the work. Also check to see if the distributor wants to become a homeowner. For one-time social security contributions, a wide-use license may be acceptable (and is increasingly becoming an industrial standard). However, in the case of a broader production campaign, asset ownership may be more critical. Don`t assume that today`s influencers will agree to work for the hire. The one (add the brand name) wants to work with (add the name of the influencer) in an influence campaign called (add the name of the campaign).

The campaign is mainly set for (add campaign details). You will have cancelled many of these points through a thorough influencer verification process, a staggered payment and a creative briefing session. If you have requirements for an influencer to participate in a creative briefing session, you accept this in writing in the influence agreement. During this process, test in depth and make sure that the influencer not only has access to your target audience, but that it shares the same brand values and tone of voice as your brand. It should also always respect the disclosure rules. Later. Manage your expectations by specifying your payment terms. You can, for example.B. agree to pay the creator within thirty (30) days of receipt of the creator`s invoice, subject to the staggered billing agreement. Now that the treaty has been concluded, negotiations can begin between the two parties.

Be open to communicate with the influencer, as different points may change. Sometimes influencers are already working with other brands and the launch date could be delayed. It may also be that the product they need to check does not arrive on time and it may take them a few more days to do an honest check.