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As a result, an association of people (AOP) may have members, businesses, businesses, families and common associations (MMIpoh vCIT (67 ITR 106)). It is clear that companies entering a joint venture can also be considered AOP, as they are held in Ganga Metal Refining CoPte Ltd vCIT (67 ITR 771). In various court statements, the courts have issued the essential elements that constitute a PDO. Indeed, the words union of people have not been used in a technical sense, but must be interpreted in their ordinary simple sense. This written statement from the Association of Persons is made on behalf of The Association of Persons until January 26, 2012 in City 1. Person -1 Address 2 person -2 Address 3 person -3 Address 4 Pesson -4 Address While on January 26, 2019, on behalf of BJS (Given name) City was founded during a meeting at CITY NAME with the recommendation of sponsorship by an association of people. While it was considered appropriate, for various reasons or for other reasons, to write orally the objectives/objects of the association and how the PDO should be managed and managed, and decided to write orally on January 18, 2019, writing in writing on January 26, when all PDO members authorized the President, 1 at the January 26, 2019 meeting in CITY. Person`s name to design and execute an appropriate agreement and have authorized it with the members of the top chapter mentioned in this document. THIS AGREEMENT IS A TESTAMENT TO THIS FIRST AGREEMENT.

The name of the people`s association is BJS (given name) city, hereafter called AOP. (2) The head office and registered address of the PDO can be found at the address, in India or in other places where members may, from time to time, decide in writing. (3) The objectives and objects of the city of BJS (first name) are: a. To achieve the development, growth and progress of the population by promoting education, health, self-growth, the moral basis and the promotion of moral values and the social and physical aspects of life. B. To awaken the potential of the Indian people and create the flow of potential among them, to help the private social side 1 in 5, they must unite to participate in such an activity, the commitment must be done according to the common will of the people who form the association.